Friday, December 16, 2005
  Doing the Right Thing
The facts are clear and undeniable.
The fact is, Saddam murdered his way to the "Presidency".
The fact is that Saddam Hussein, "President" of Iraq, was a threat to the United States as well as security in the Middle East.
The fact is, Saddam and his regime harbored terrorists.
The fact is, Saddam supported Palestinians terrorists with cash contributions to their families.
The fact is, Saddam had the means to produce, weaponize and deliver biological and chemical weapons.
The fact is, Saddam gave every indication that he intended to use chemical, biological and nuclear weapons against those he considered his enemies.
The fact is, Saddam used chemical weapons against Iranian soldiers (5,000 killed) and against his own people.
The fact is, in the late 1980's Saddam brutally murdered 50,000 - 100,000 Iraqi Kurds.
The fact is, in 1990, Saddam invaded, occupied and plundered Kuwait, killing more than 1,000 people.
The fact is, in 1991 Saddam murdered 30,000 - 60,000 Iraqi citizens to quell an uprising.
The fact is, Saddam repeatedly refused to allow human rights inspectors into his country.
The fact is, Saddam repeatedly refused to allow nuclear and other weapons inspectors into his country.
The fact is, Saddam blatantly and flagrantly violated UN sanctions and resolutions for more than 12 years.

The list goes on and on. What I have provided here is more than sufficient to justify to forceful overthrow of such a corrupt and barbaric regime. This is a regime that was a threat to the peace, safety and security of the entire world.

Based on Iraq's pasty actions, Saddam's own words, and the evidence on hand at the time the US was right to invade over WMDs. The fact that none were found does nothing to prove otherwise.

Yes, the intelligence was wrong. So what. Removing Saddam was still necessary and right. Regime change in Iraq has been the policy of the US through several Presidents. It is Leftist fantasy and sophistry to say that WMD was the sole reason for the overthrow or that because there was no WMD our actions were wrong.

The US would have been justified in its invasion for a number of other reasons. It was the humanitarian thing to do. The Iraqi people deserve to choose their own government. They deserve self-determination. Thank God the United States and our allies had the means and the will to deliver it to them.
Right on James. The problem is the left doesn't care about facts or the truth. They base their position on feelings and shallow window dressing themes like "compassion for the poor", "fighting for the plight of minorities" etc that upon closer scrutiny amount to nothing more than lip service to fool their gulliable followers.

WMD was found in Iraq, maybe not all of it, but hey, Iraq is a big country and it might take time to find it all. Or maybe he managed to smuggle it out. Who knows, the fact is WMDs were found. But to the left a million nuclear bombs wouldn't be enough to qualify for WMDs.

You are right. The US was justified for going in ousting this monster from power. Shame on the countries that refused to help and all of peace nic leftists who will all benefit from our removal of his threat yet continue to bitch and moan.

Leftists apart from having a communist plan for this nation also have a penchant for biting the hand that shelters them. It's a shame that they don't all just pack up and move to their favorite communist or socialist country of choice and leave America to those who love her.
Last I knew, there was never a formal declaration to end Gulf War I. For the past 14-15 years, we have been in a state of "cease fire" in legal terms. Now, as I understand it, a cease fire is normally called when both sides need time to assess their situations, rest their troops, and plan their next move(s).

I don't know about y'all but I felt pretty rested prior to the operations beginning ot oust Sadam from power. I had plent of time to assess my situation and plan my next move. I saw that we had more than enough resources and legal standing to kick a vicious tyrant right square in his backside.

Was the intelligence wrong? I'm sure some of it was. I'm sure that some self-serving get-promoted-at-all-costs Clintonite made a mountain out of a mole hill on some of the data that we had. Does that mean the US wasn't justified? No. How many UN reslolutions did Sadam wilfully violate? Last I counted was somewhere around 14. ALL of which had provisions in them authorizing military action to force his compliance.

I may not agree with all of the President's decisions but I still think he was spot on with the decision to remove a barbaric regime from power and give the Iraqi people the right to choose for themselves how they want to be governed.
Check out a funny site dedicated to the absurdity and satire nature of saying "It's All George Bush's Fault!"

Notta Libb
The fact is...Bush is guilty of exactly the same things. Shall we put him on trial for crimes against humanity?

I'm up for it.
Careful Jay, your DailyKos/DU talking points are showing again.

About the only thing Bush is guilty of is not being tough enough in this war.

A wise man recently told me, "As I see it there can only be one of two reasons why the Left Leadership is trying to destroy our efforts in Iraq. Either they hate America so much they want to see us defeated and eventually downgraded to a Third World Power, or they hate Bush so much they will destroy our country in order to destroy him."

Personally, I vote for the latter. The left is so consumed with their maniacal, rabid hatred for George Bush that they don't care what happens as long as they think it's bad for Bush.

Witness the way they gleefully awaited the "milestone" 2,000th military death. An artificial number, but one they couldn't wait for. Imagine their disappointment when the entire country ignored their jabbering.

Iraq just had a 70% turnout in their election. The Iraqi's are better "Americans" than Americans are, and the left cannot stand it.

American soldiers know what they are fighting for and they are willing to continue dying for it and the left can't stand it.

Bush's approval rating is on the way back up, and the left can't stand it.

The economy is improving everyday and the left can't stand it.

The left doesn't care what happens as long as they can try to spin it into an argument against Bush. The problem is most of America sees through their self-loathing, obsessed hatred of their own country and ignores them.

The echo chamber gets quieter and quieter. The sound you hear is the real America looking in and laughing at you.
By the way, Jay, you're an idiot.

Please go through the list of things I cited and tell us which ones the President is guilty of.

You should know by now Jay will never give you any facts to back up his absurd claims.

How many times have we asked for proof of his so-called military service only to be met with profound silence?
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