Monday, April 18, 2005
  "I Have Returned"
Hello friends. After an unintentional and somewhat self-imposed hiatus of 8 months, I'm back. For whatever reason I simply lost the spark to comment and share my opinions on things that were happening. But don't worry, I'm told I'm still just as opinionated as ever.

So, a lot has happened since last August. The biggest thing being that we won the election. The American people bolstered my faith in their intelligence and ability to do the right thing and make the right choices. To quote the title of Hugh Hewitt's book, "If It's Not Close They Can't Cheat". Well, it wasn't but that certainly didn't keep them from trying.

But, all's well that ends well. We've got at least four more years of sane leadership, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan are going well, in fact, we may be out of there in just a few more years, things just keep getting better.
It's great to have you back, James!
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