Tuesday, June 14, 2005
  Close Gitmo? Are you crazy?!?!
Okay two things about Guantanamo:

  1. We are getting actionable intelligence from these terrorists. If you don't believe it read about "Detainee 063", the subject of the current Time cover story. Mohammed al-Qahtani, is a follower of Osama and believed to be the "20th hijacker." He tried to enter the U.S. in August 2001 to take part in the Sept. 11 attacks. By interrogating him our people have identified other Al Qaeda members at Gitmo.
  2. Of the more than 10,000 enemy "soldiers" captured in Afghanistan about 750 were taken to Gitmo. There are now about 500 Islamists detained there. That means we've released 250. Now, check this out, of those released two former detainees were killed in Afghanistan last year, fighting for the enemy. Another was apprehended during a raid on a terrorist training camp. One of those released turned up in Pakistan, suspected of being involved in the deadly kidnapping of two Chinese engineers.

    That's four out of 250, that we know of. It is certain there are more we've freed who are now waging war against us ... again. So, do the math. Four out of 250 with 500 remaining. That's 12 out of the original 750. Like I said, there are more. How many did it take to wreak 9/11? Nineteen. Wanna bet there are 10 times that number waiting for the same kind of "heavenly calling" at Gitmo right now? Do you really want to turn them loose?

According to Rich Lowry, writing in the Arizona Daily Star, "the United States is taking a step toward becoming the first country in world history to prove itself incapable of the elemental act of self-defense of simply detaining its enemies."

Well put James. Of course we don't need to close "Gitmo". However, it wouldn't hurt to "close the fancy cuisine restaurant" aspect of it that these murderous bastards are being allowed to indulge it at their intended victims' expense!!!!
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