Sunday, June 12, 2005
  How To Know You're Winning

This idea for this post actually started a long time ago. My best friend and I began making an unwritten list of ways to know when the liberal (or other disinformed person) you're debating knows that they are losing ground.

It finally got written down today when I was making comments on another blog.

Ways To Know The Person You’re Debating Is Losing:

  1. They say, “Let’s bring down the level of rhetoric.”
  2. They say, “We can argue semantics all day long…”
  3. They speak in a very calm, soothing, patronizing tone to appear rational and reasonable and to make you appear excitable.
  4. They say, “Don’t question my patriotism (or conservatism, morals, etc.)”
  5. They call your comments "mean-spirited and divisive."
  6. They incessantly insist, "I'm not a liberal, (centrist, independent, etc.)"
  7. Consider all those who disagree to be "idiots", "amateurs", "moonbats", etc.
  8. They degenerate to exactly the behavior and tactics they accused you of.
  9. And the ultimate way to know you’ve won any debate, the other person censors and silences you.

I'm sure that we'll think of more as we continue to run into these idiots.

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