Saturday, June 18, 2005
  Somebody Get Some Hinges!
The Democrats (or is that Deanocrats) are become more unhinged evey day.

First, Howard "Yearrgh!" Dean shoots the party in the foot every time he opens his mouth. Now Richard Durbin is taking after Charles Rangel by comparing our military to Nazi's, Stalin, and Pol Pot. He did apologize. (Not really, what he said was, "Sorry you're too stupid to catch the subtle nuance of what I really meant." Yeah, we're not stupid enough to buy that load of fertilizer, Dick.)
Turban Durbin

Now John Conyers is holding "meetings" in a basement storage room and condemning Bush. Hey, it fooled C-Span into actually covering it!
Let's Pretend
Well, what can we expect? After all we have a two party political system: The "Pro-America" Republican Party on the one hand, and the "Anti-America-Pro Europe" Democrat Socialist Party.
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