Saturday, December 17, 2005
  An Innocent Man? Not Hardly...
“The state of California just killed an innocent man.” That's what Tookie Williams' collaborator, Barbara Becnel, declared when he was pronounced dead. This despite the fact that he was found guilty of four counts of murder by a jury of his peers.

According to Becnel, “[Williams] suffered. He was writhing, lifting his head up ... It was horrible. To me, it was torture. It took 35 minutes to kill him.” I'll admit, Williams could have been dispatched much more quickly and humanely. A shotgun blast would have done the trick. That's the method he used to snuff out the lives of his victims. I say, let the punishment fit the crime.

The nuts on the Left argue that Williams redeemed himself in prison. First, Williams founded the blood-thirsty Crips street gang. He committed armed robberies. Then he gunned down four innocent people so as to leave no witnesses to his crimes. Quite a debt to overcome in anybody's book. So, how did Tookie redeem himself for his heinous crimes. Well, he wrote some anti-gang books for children. Books that, by the way, very few bought and probably even less read. Books that would never have been published if not for their author's infamy.

Those books aren't Tookie's legacy. This is: "Boys, 14 and 17, Killed in Separate Gang Shootings." And this: "Stanley "Little Tookie" Williams, Jr., a Crips member, was found guilty of shooting a twenty year-old woman to death in an alley off Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. He was sentenced to sixteen years in prison for second-degree murder." Quite a legacy.

By the way, here are a few things the bleeding-heart Lefties DON'T want you to know about. While in prison Tookie refused to aid police investigations with any information against his gang, and was involved in multiple escape plots. Williams spent 6 1/2 years in solitary in the late 1980s for multiple assaults on guards and fellow inmates.

Tellingly, one of Tookie's supporters, the "reverend" Jesse Jackson, couldn't name one of Williams' four victims when asked. By the way, they were Albert Owens, 26, shot twice in the back with a shotgun at point-blank range, Yen-Yi Yang, 76, Tsai-Shai Yang,63, and Yee-Chen Lin, 42. Poor, noble Tookie Williams slaughtered these innocent people for the grand total of $220 cash.

The state of California delivered justice to a ruthless killer. Period.

As usual, good job! So an “innocent man” was murdered by the State? Oh, I see. We all must understand that because Tookie wrote a few children’s books against the type of violent gangs he was instrumental in creating, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize he should be understood as being an innocent man. Right? No. Wrong!

You have made an excellent point by pointing out that the children’s books that he wrote aren’t actually impacting America’s youth the way Tookie’s supporters would have us believe. In fact, few, if any of these books are reaching the hands of today’s youth. The average Joe on the street should be able to see through this ruse. It doesn’t matter how many books one writes if few of the books are ever actually sold in the first place. What possible good is the message without an audience to hear it in the first place?

Of course, there is the nomination of Tookie for the Nobel Peace Prize. That should count for something right? Count for what? When murderous blood-thirsty terrorists like Yassar Arafat are the caliber of recipients, the award can hardly have any serious meaning to begin with can it?

No. What we have here is the typical “dog and pony show” from the left. A bunch of fluff, which sounds good until you look into it all. Let’s not forget that beyond all of the fanfare of Tookie’s “redeemed” new life and attitude lies the damning fact that not once, that’s right, NOT ONCE has he ever expressed one modicum of remorse for his murderous actions.

Tookie’s real good at cranking out children’s books, (that aren’t really being read), but he won’t face at any time what he actually did.

I agree with you on the shotgun solution to his execution. After all, we can’t have bleeding heart liberals suffer while watching him raise his head numerous times within 35 minutes, when his head could have been blown off in just seconds.

A man who feels no remorse whatsoever for the violent murder of his innocent victims deserves no mercy, no matter how many books he writes, or Nobel Peace Prize nominations he receives.

Justice was served. And that is rare these days in America’s “liberal-infested” judicial system.
I did a google and Amazon search for the books Tookie Williams wrote. Care to guess how many hits I got? ..... None. Nada. Zip. Zero. Well, there was that one news article talking about his execution and the fact he wrote a book.....

Not exactly the Best Sellers list material here.

And so what if he wrote a few small insignificant books? And his Nobel Peace Prize nomination? Puhleez! This is the same group that nominated the leader of one of the largest terrorist organizations in the world for the same prize. How much credibility do you think this group has?

California executed an innocent man? Not hardly.

I do have one problem with the death penalty though. It isn't used nearly often enough nor quickly enough.
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