Thursday, September 18, 2008
  Rabid Attacks & Blind Rage
(originally written on 9/4/08 in another forum.)

This whole attack on Governor Palin has got me so pissed I can hardly formulate a coherent rebuttal. If this were some pro-abortion, left wing femi-nazi (like Shrillary) the media would be giving her a pass. And demanding the entire country do the same.

They hate Sarah Palin because she represents real Americans, instead of what they imagine Americans should be. She doesn't fit into their anti-gun, pro-abortion, career-woman, PETA-loving, anti-business, anti-oil, tree-hugging, big government feminist mold, so she - and her family - must be savaged and destroyed.

Meanwhile, I have no doubt that real Americans are watching and taking note. First of all, we like Palin. It didn't take long to figure out that she is a fine American with character, courage, and strong family values. Much like most of us. Even my wife, who is no fan of Republicans, likes Governor Palin. For a person who considers Clinton and Carter to have been good Presidents, that's a pretty serious endorsement.

Second, Americans are not pleased with the despicable attacks of the Democrats, the liberals, and the left-wing, pro-Obama media. I think in the next 2 months we will see a huge backlash against the Obama/Biden campaign.

The ironic part of this is that the media, and the left, cannot fathom any of this. They are flabbergasted that we haven't fallen in love with Barry Obama. That we don't hate McCain and Palin. That we don't pile onto the governor and her family with them. They believe that because they say something we should believe it and blindly follow. Talk about not getting it!
I am relieved to know that you were likely my Pentagon Reader.

I was slightly concerned for a while.

I STILL want to know who the Hawaiian Navy Person is...
I would love to hear what you thought of the Vice Presidential Debate last night.

I'm sorry that I am so late in visiting your blog. Like me, you don't blog enough! From my current perspective, it was bad enough that the "tolerant" left attacked Sarah Palin and her family the way they did back in the campign, but to continue beyond that until today is very telling.

The truth is, she is a serious threat to them. The left need sheep, not citizens that can function on their own. Sarah Palin appeals to not only normal American women, but normal Americans in total. She represents a common American who has been sucessful and has rised to the level of Governer. Woman who are successful don't fit their sex warfare motif where women are pathetically held back by society, and so need the left to rush in and elevate them, save them. It is interesting also, that feminists never praised her or rushed to her defense as a successful woman. Apparently feminists aren't really about women and their rise in society. Interestingly too is that the left is equally hypocritical in its claim to be "all about minorities" and ensure they get a fair shake.
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